Thursday, August 09, 2012


Scanned some stuff from my most recent sketchbook, why not?
Creeping on people in mall gardens and Tim Horton's...I don't even think dogs are allowed in Tim Horton's, so I think I can claim the moral high ground on this one.
Starbucks, the group of ladies in the middle were like a baby club and seemed pretty cool. I almost felt like getting a baby myself so could hang out with them, but then I figured I would probably still not be cool, and I would also be stuck with some stupid baby. And so my life as a lonely cat lady continues.
Skateboard kid I saw. Downton Abbey-inspired doodle snuck in there as well.
I leave you with a stupid centaur page. You know, if you're bored enough to still be here.

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Bijan Shahir said...

Seeing as how I love great sketches and self depreciation, this post is two for two! lol