Monday, April 02, 2012

Done in between frames

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Kirsten Whiteley said...

Perched on the electric wires, The nocturnal Keely Turple surveys her prey of tired animation students trudging their way home after a long days work. She notices a small group of students emerge from the forest and one of them strays from the pack. The poor creature doesn't realize what happened until it's too late! Nocturnal Keely strikes and stares apon the student with tired eyes. With one blow from her mighty hand, the student is struck down and is now cunvulsing on the sidewalk. Transformed into a nocturnal beast, Keely and her new apprentice perch on the electrical wires waiting for their next victim. Let this be a lesson to you all but don't despair! The Nocturnal Keely will only attack if you don't present her with a cheese bun.

The end.

P.s. this looks cool <3