Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Royal Winter Fair! I can't focus on caricaturing and making the pretty pictures other people do. I just have lots of gestures, animal overload!

These ones I did afterwards from memory, stuff I saw at the fair

This lady looked EXACTLY like the whoallama, I'm not even exaggerating at all.


Nicole Kozak said...

so much awesome, keely!

I love the colored child feeding llama at the end!

sussman said...

keely teach me structure
i like that red bird a lot

hahaha "colored child" thats just racist nicole

Laura said...

Aww i'm lovin' them all! Especially the horses you've got there

kathryn durst said...

lovely drawings!!!
i really like the two men and the chicken one. and the one with the donkey and the lil baby goat. sooooo cute