Monday, October 25, 2010

My week:

Wife drawing (5 min poses)

Forests are nice. I'd like to just walk in the woods all day, every day. Even the snowy days.

Outside place, and kitties.

This is some process stuff/studies for an art challenge thing I'm gonna try this week, draw an Angha/Simurgh, a mythical beast with the body of a dog, wings and tail of a peacock, and lion claws. Awesome.

The Wiki description said the Angha is "unambiguously female", so please excuse the dogboobs.

Somehow my family worked their way onto this page. If any family members are reading this right now, do NOT tell my mom I drew her, she'd murder me!


Kirsten Whiteley said...

Your life drawings! So swishy and full of movement! Your outdoor skeches! So cool! Your puppies and mystical creatures! Soooooo gooood. Teach me.

Dylan said...

keeley is good at draaaawing